Dough dumplings, two dough noodles, three dough pancake stalls, eggs

Tofu dumplings, two-noodle noodles, three-volt pancake stalls, the eggs are “volts”, which means that yin is forced to hide by the yang, and three-volt days are the hottest time of the year.

This year it is one volt on July 18, two volts on July 28, and three volts on August 7.

There is a slang term in the north, “Tou Fu Dumplings Er Fu Noodles, San Fu Pancake Stands with Eggs”, which speaks of the common customs of the people.

  In fact, from the perspective of modern nutrition, this saying has some truth.

In the past, the living conditions were poor, and the dietary choices were more monotonous. After entering the ambush, it was the season of wheat harvest. Pasta typified by dumplings, noodles, and pancakes were very popular.

When the weather is high, the body’s metabolism will accelerate, the body sweats a lot, and the demand for energy will increase.

Dumplings such as dumplings contain sugars, B vitamins, and various minerals, which can provide sufficient content for the human body.

In addition, the summer heat is unbearable, people lose their appetite, and pasta is relatively easy to digest and absorb, which is one reason to eat pasta on hot days.

  Du Fu Dumpling Du Fu Dumpling has the moral meaning of “yuan treasure, hidden blessing”, because dumplings are shaped like ingots, and “fu” and “fu” are homonyms.

The biggest advantage of dumplings is that it is both a staple food and a non-staple food. It has both amaranth and vegetarian dishes.

The skin made of flour contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements; Chinese cabbage, fennel, and chives are rich in vitamins, minerals, and alternative fibers; vegetarian meat, fish, shrimp, pork, and beef and mutton can be supplemented with high-quality protein;Add some mushrooms, kelp, black fungus, spring onion, ginger and other nutrients to the filling.

Moreover, the dumpling stuffing is usually finely chopped and easy to digest.

  If you add some coarse grain noodles, such as bean noodles, millet noodles or black rice noodles, it will be healthy.

Dumpling stuffing, one loaf, one vegetarian and one mushroom is the most reasonable match, and the meat is best three fat and seven thin.

In addition, compared with starch and other methods, distillation, steaming, boiling and decoction are not easy to repeat too much. Unfortunately, the loss of nutrients is also small.

  Erfu Nian’s “Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji” records “June Fu Solar Eclipse Soup Cake, called Evil”.

Eating a bowl of hot noodle soup makes your body sweat, which can remove the moisture and heat from the body.

There are many ways to make noodles, and we often eat: 1.

Soup noodles, such as tomato egg noodles, braised beef noodles, etc., can be eaten with soup. However, noodle soups are generally high in salt, so drink less.


The noodles are prepared by draining the noodles and adding the seasonings to the mix, such as cold noodles, fried noodles, etc. Some people like to pour the noodles in cold water and pour them twice, so that some of the B vitamins and potassium are dissolvedIn the water, nutrients are easily lost.


Fried noodles are made by frying cooked noodles with ingredients. This method usually uses more oil and is not recommended to eat often.


Ramen noodles, stir-fried various ingredients, and then add noodles and water to make them, the nutrition loss is small.

  Many people often eat more noodles and fewer side dishes, making it difficult to balance nutrition.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a rich variety of vegetable codes, often adding cucumbers, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and so on.

You can also add some soy products, such as soybean sprouts, cooked soybeans, tofu, shredded tofu and so on.

  The eggs of Sanfu pancake stalls entered the final stage, and the difficult days of Futian came to an end. The weather began to cool, and the simple and convenient pancakes became popular food.

The method of cake stand eggs is simple. Spread the batter into a pan and make a cake. When heated and evenly formed, pour the spread eggs on the cake quickly.

  However, pancakes are seriously deficient in nutrients other than the nutrients in the noodles.

Even with the addition of eggs, it does not meet the standard of diet and nutritional balance.

Therefore, when eating pancakes, you can cut a few slices of beef with sauce and add shredded tofu.

You can also add some dishes, such as cucumber shreds and carrot shreds. Seasonal wild vegetables are also good, such as purslane with luxuriant stems and leaves in summer and autumn. It contains crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.Remove the roots, wash them, drain the water and cut into small pieces.