Yoga maintains your beautiful wrist

Modern people have been with the computer for a long time, which not only causes the previous problems, but also hip problems, and even the wrist is stiff because of holding the mouse for a long time.

I heard a word on the Internet that after a few years, human hands may degenerate to only the index and middle fingers-used to control the mouse.

  It’s a joke, but it makes us start to look squarely at our bodies-it’s degrading.

Here we introduce a few simple movements to help you restore the flexibility of your wrist. You can try them. At the same time, these movements also have obvious effects on older knuckle pain. If your family has such injuriesYou can also suggest him or her to practice these actions. It’s very simple, let’s get started!

  1. Simple movement of the hands or sitting on a chair. Hold your hands flat with your shoulders high. (Note: The shoulders must be relaxed.) Inhale: palm down, spread your fingers, and do your best.Open your breath: repeat your thumb ten times with your thumb in the palm of your hand, and focus on breathing, counting, hand movements 2, wrist flexion exercises, sitting in the same position, lifting your hands flat and shoulder heightWith palms down, keep your palms open and fingers inhaled during the entire exercise: Straighten your arms and slowly open your hands upwards and backwards, like sticking to a wall, fingertipsExhale upwards: With your hands down and your fingertips facing the ground, keep your elbows straight and do not bend your knuckles or heels. Start the next round with your hands up and repeat 10 times. 3, wrist转动  基本坐姿坐好,保持臀部挺直A,右臂向前倾斜与肩同高,大拇指内置按压拳,如果有必要也可以用左手支撑你的右手。
  This is the ready posture.

Turn your wrist slowly to ensure that your palms are always facing down. Keep your arms straight, and turn your wrists in a circle. Turn clockwise 10 times and counterclockwise 10 times.

  Do the same with your left hand.

  B, the arm is stretched forward with the shoulder height, the arm is always straight, the wrists are rotated 10 times in the same direction at the same time, and then turned 10 times in the opposite direction.

  C, practice the same as B, but turn the wrist 10 times in the opposite direction and then practice 10 times in the opposite direction.

  These three exercises are very beneficial for hand and finger-related arthritis, and can also relieve related joint tension caused by continuous writing, typing, and so on.