When choosing a kindergarten, parents must know

Kindergarten education is the foundation of the entire education structure and plays a very important role in the child’s entire learning stage.

Experts said that when choosing a kindergarten for children, the following points should be considered: enrollment issues Kindergartens openly recruit students every spring, and the enrollment is generally around the area where the kindergarten is located.

Reputable kindergartens are restricted by quotas, so not every participant can participate in the registration, and the children who are interviewed can enter the park. Generally, it will give priority to the system and children in this area.

  The registration time is generally around June, and some kindergartens will advance to April, May, or even earlier.

Specific registration time, each kindergarten will use posters in front of the park’s gate, through the public media to publish advertisements, mail delivery and other forms of notification, this period should pay more attention.

On the day of registration, you can bring your child and related materials to the kindergarten to register.

  The age limit for children with small class age is 3 years old.

Because children of this age already have basic language skills and the ability to begin living independently.

Some kindergartens have small classes, and the admission age for small classes is 2 to 2 1/2 years.

  Interview After the interview project is reviewed, the kindergarten will send a special teacher to interview the child.

The content of the interview is very simple: ask the child’s name, age, home address, what do you like to do, etc.

The general interview time is about 5 to 10 minutes. The main purpose is to test the child’s development level in intelligence and cognitive ability.

Parents take their children’s questions and answers lightly.

It is important for children to use polite language when they meet strangers, and such children will definitely leave a good impression on the teacher.

  After the admission notice has passed the interview, the kindergarten will use the media or contact parents to announce the admission list within about one month.

If parents are not clear about the admission list, they should call the kindergarten in time to ask.

For children who have been admitted, the kindergarten will additionally inform the parents of the time to take the child to the medical examination.

The main content of the physical examination is to do liver function tests, etc., to see if the child has infectious diseases.

  Issues to consider Issue one: Full-day care, day-care full-day children spend a lot of time with the teacher, their relationships are easier to establish, they will be more independent, and they will spend more time studying systematically.

If family conditions permit, parents also have time to take care of their children, it is recommended to enter a day care kindergarten, so that children gradually adapt to the new kindergarten environment.

  Question 2: It is best to have a school bus for the journey, and it should not exceed 1 hour.

Otherwise, if the child is not getting enough sleep, he will have no mental learning if he is tossed by boat.

  Question 3: Is there any activity teaching activity? The teaching method is child-centered, the teacher sets the theme, and then through games, discussions or group activities to inspire children’s creativity and arouse their learning interest.

Parents can pay attention to the environment of the kindergarten, whether the classroom is full of children’s masterpieces, whether there is a family corner, a beauty corner, and other factors that inspire young children’s creativity.

  Question 4: In addition to teaching staff, kindergarten teachers must have certain qualifications. The most important thing is to be responsible and caring to children, so that children can study in a stress-free environment, so as not to cause “school phobia” and affect academic performance.

The parents just went to the garden to observe whether the staff was amiable, talked politely, and learned a little about the quality of the teachers in the garden.

The ratio of teacher to student in each class is preferably about 1:20, otherwise the teacher will have difficulty taking into account the individual needs of each child.

  Question 5: Kindergarten environment The kindergarten environment has a great impact on children’s learning emotions and character training.

If the kindergarten environment is spacious and the teachers are amiable, the children can learn happily and cultivate a clean and courteous character.

Also, event space is important.

Children are active and active, and the wide space for activities enables children to express their emotions, vitality, and physical and healthy development.

  Pay attention to whether the garden provides the weekly diet schedule to parents, whether the kindergarten regularly disinfects toys, tableware and other supplies, and whether the children have their own tea cups, towels, in addition to the safety of facilities such as games, stairs, etc.Focus on checking whether the gatekeepers are strict and whether the transfer of children is complete.

  Question 6: Listening to word of mouth When choosing a kindergarten, be sure to listen to the word of mouth of the kindergarten by relatives, friends, or other parents. This can change the kindergarten in your mind and have a better understanding.

Finally, set goals for your child’s kindergarten as soon as possible, and prepare as soon as you have them. Don’t be half-hearted, otherwise the child will be bitter and tired.