Choose focus to see your entrepreneurial potential

Everyone is envious of the bosses of big companies, possessing a profitable business mind and huge wealth. In fact, some people are born with this trait, plus the potential inspired by the external environment.There are also a lot of people, so let’s test whether you have entrepreneurial potential?

  Test translation: If your company is in an eight-story building, on which floor do you want to work?

  A, one or two layers B, three or four layers C, five or six layers D, seven or eight layers Test results: A, choose “one or two layers” one or two layers Your entrepreneurial awarenessStill, being down-to-earth is a pragmatic entrepreneur, but sometimes hesitates when encountering problems and often loses good development opportunities.

  B, choose “three or four layers” Three or four layers You are very pragmatic, have strong thinking skills, are very capable entrepreneurs, but are too alert and easily miss the opportunity.

  C, choose “five or six layers”. Five or six layers. You can seize the opportunity to head up, have super market insight, and be able to heed others’ corrections. It is a very promising entrepreneur.

  D, choose “seven or eight layers” Seven or eight layers You have the character of dissatisfaction, have the tendency to overpower the crowd, be competitive, have confidence in your own business, but avoid the eagerness to achieve success.