A-shares shock adjustment to maintain 3000 points Private placement “turn defense to attack” cautiously increase leverage

Original title: A-shares shock adjusted and kept 3,000 points privately held “turn to defend for offense” cautiously and leveraged On the last trading day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, A-shares ended the day trading with a small expansion.

  At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.

75% closed at 3031.

At 24 o’clock, he stood steadily above 3000.

In addition, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.

67% closed at 9919.

8 points; GEM Index rose 0.

41% closed at 1710.

57 points.

  Compared with the continuous upside of the previous week, the market as a whole has entered a state of shock adjustment this week.

From Monday to Thursday, the daily gains of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index were 0.

84%, -0.

12%, -0.

41%, 0.


Looking at the whole week, the weekly gains of the Shanghai Index, the Shenzhen Component Index, and the GEM Index were 1, respectively.

05%, 0.

98% and 1.


  Although the market’s offensive was significantly blocked this week, a number of temporary private fundraisers believed that this was a “normal adjustment” and was not a signal that the market had not moved.

  A private equity person pointed out, “Every month comes under the water, why care about the ups and downs of the fresh water.

“In a positive mood, 21st Century Business Herald reporters noticed that the overall operating trend of private equity funds in the near future has been significantly more positive, and a small number of private equity funds have begun to conduct financing and leverage operations.

  However, considering the growth of the market after the National Day, the recent “positiveness” of private equity is still more restrained.

  Private Equity Turns Into Attack Through the 武汉夜网论坛 gradual advancement of the technology stock market, a large number of private equity has begun to turn into defense since late August.

  On September 12, a person in charge of a private equity fund in South China told reporters, “At the beginning of August, our position was relatively low, because the currency depreciated rapidly in the short term at that time, which put pressure on the stock market, so we adopted a strategy of controlling positions.

However, starting in mid-August, we started to gradually increase positions. The main direction is 5G-related sectors, and some chip stocks, because this has been the sector that we have followed for a long time.

“The above person further stated,” The reason why Masukura did feel the change in market sentiment and the compensation shown by the market, and from the stocks we focus 杭州桑拿网 on, the interim report performance is also very good, so a comprehensive consideration was madeAdd positions.

However, our overall position level is still around the industry average position level, and there is no increase in penetration.

In comparison, another merger private equity operation is more active, and the current position is already over 80%.

  The private equity insider revealed to reporters, “We feel that this wave of technology stock market is a very rare opportunity, so we added positions to a relatively high position at the end of August. The industry’s configuration is mainly concentrated in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Although there has been some adjustments in technology stocks this week, we believe that there is still a chance after the Mid-Autumn Festival, so we did not lighten up.

“Overall, benefiting from the warming market, the position of stock funds in the private equity industry is indeed in an” offensive “state, especially the 10 billion private equity positions are significantly higher than the industry average.

  According to the data from the private placement ranking network, as of September 6, the private equity position index was 66.

96%, compared with 66 the previous week.

The 57% position index rose slightly to 54 earlier.

93% of positions increased by 12 digits.

  Specifically, 40.

17% of private equity positions in stocks are above 80%, 30.77% of private equity positions in stocks are between 50% and 80%, and private equity positions below 20% account for only 6.


Compared with the ratio of the previous week, the proportion of private placement of stocks between 50% and 80% has increased significantly, and the overall position has been on the high side.

  Among them, the position index of private equity of 10 billion shares was 77.

57%, which is close to the level of 80%, and the average level of the leading industry is 10.

61 averages.

Among them, tens of billions of private placements with positions above 80% accounted for the replacement.

  In addition, judging from the position changes during the year, the lowest point of the 10 billion stock private placement position appeared in early May, and the position change at that time was 66.

35%, compared with the proportion of 10 billion shares of private placements has increased by 11.

22 averages.