Melancholy is a woman’s “wine”

Melancholy is a woman’s wine. Some women are addicted to melancholy, just like men are addicted to wine.
I’ve seen a lot of melancholic women, and at a glance I can see that they are different from other women.
Other women are sometimes melancholy, but they are caught by melancholy because they have encountered misfortune and pain; other women do not want to be melancholy, they like happiness and calm; once other women’s environment improves, their mood improves.
The other is pathological depression. They are always depressed, but their depression is hopeless. They don’t like their depression.
Melancholy women are different from their melancholy. Although it is also painful, they feel a peculiar enjoyment in this pain. They are melancholy. They enjoy melancholy and taste melancholy. They are obsessed with melancholy as if it is a friend.The friend who was painful but made her reluctant to leave, they felt melancholy with a unique charm, a strange charm, a perverted beauty.
They are tortured by depression, and appreciate the beauty of depression.
They like purple, their depression is purple, and other women’s depression is gray.
Purple is a contradictory color, a mix of red and blue.
Their psychology is also contradictory, mixed with hidden enthusiasm and indifference.
They are often tired, weak, lazy, and crouched in the corner of a dimly lit room.
But occasionally, they suddenly burn and become dazzling and eye-catching.
They have a mysterious beauty.
  Like wine, the melancholy taste is not necessarily delicious, so outsiders who do n’t like this thing do n’t understand and say: what is good about this thing, obviously melancholy hurts the woman ‘s mind, but the melancholy woman ca n’t extricate herself from this hobby,A man who is addicted to alcohol cannot extricate himself, although the man may have harmed his health due to alcohol.
  Just as male poets are prolific drinkers, female poets are prolific and melancholic.
I have seen many such women, and they often have their beauty, so their sorrow can be particularly touching.
As a psychologist, I find it difficult to get them out of depression because they don’t want to go out.
  According to deep psychological analysis, a woman who loves depression is a narcissistic woman.
Their hearts are relatively closed to the outside world. They focus on themselves, and they appreciate themselves.
There are many types of narcissistic women, some appreciate their lively enthusiasm, some appreciate their sexy charm, and these women appreciate their melancholic beauty.