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In fact, some tails of animals can also be eaten, and the meat on these tails is generally more vigorous, and the tail is mainly crunchy bones, so it will be very fragrant.

The common tails are pig and ox tail, but because the price of beef is more expensive than pork, the price of ox tail is also much higher than that of pig tail.

So what kind of nutritional effect and value does eating cow tail have?

Oxtail’s nutritional value Oxtail contains protein, trace amounts, vitamins and other ingredients.

Oxtail is the most alternating part of the cow’s body, so its meat tastes the most delicious.

At the same time, the oxtail taste is sweet and flat, with the addition of gum, more bones and less fat, full flavor, can nourish the blood, replenish the essence, strengthen the body, nourish the face; modern nutrition is because of its low trace high protein, a variety of nutrients,Think of it as a healthy nutritious food.

Ox tail is extremely nutritious and should be stewed.

Oxtail bone nutrition analysis: Oxtail contains protein, trace, vitamin and other ingredients.

The ox tail is delicious and nourishing. The tail is representatively gelatinous and full of flavor.

Oxtail boils for a long time and collagen comes out and the soup thickens.

Oxtail Bone Decoction can strengthen qi and calcium and strengthen bones and bones.

Oxtail soup often sees the classic position of oxtail on the recipes of western restaurants: oxtail thick soup, oxtail braised in red wine, etc., indicating that oxtail occupies an important seat in western cuisine.

Oxtail’s Efficacy and Function Oxtail has a sweet and flat taste; it has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, and strengthening bones and bones.

Modern nutrition also believes that it is rich in protein, energy and phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. as well as small amounts, vitamins, etc.

Oxtail is a good food, and it is good for blood, replenishes the essence, has the function of strengthening the body, nourishing the face, and is considered as a healthy and nutritious food.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oxtail is strong and looks good.

Oxtail soup is suitable for people who grow, develop, transform, and recuperate after illness. They have qi in the lower part of the body, shortness of breath, weakness of the bones, acidity of the bones, prolonged anemia, and dizziness.

It is suitable for patients with kidney deficiency, such as men with impotence and premature ejaculation, women with irregular menstruation, hyposexuality, waist and knee aches, etc .; it can partially replace the bullwhip soup; the elderly and infirm are also very good.

How to choose oxtails: In the market, oxtails are usually sold in their entirety. After purchase, they are chopped into pieces by the salesman, and there are also cooked oxtail canned foods for sale.

When buying fresh oxtail, it is required to have ruddy meat, few and gluten color, whiteness and luster, and the oxtail after peeling requires no residual hair and hair roots. The meat is compact and flexible, and has a special beef flavor.

Oxtail storage method: Fresh oxtail is best made into fresh vegetables. If short-term storage is needed, put the oxtail in a boiling water pot and bleed the bleeding water, remove it from the cold, control the moisture, add the rice wine and mix well, addKeep it in the fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator fresh-keeping room.

If it needs to be stored for a long time, you need to wrap the oxtail block with cling film, put it in the freezer, and store it in the freezer. You can take it out and thaw it naturally.